"It’s hard when you’re used to love being so dramatic, so many obstacles, but it’s so painful and it’s so destructive. I had to teach myself, the next guy I’m going to have is going to be fucking a good man to me, he’s going to treat me good. That’s hard to recognize, when you’re standing in front of a good person. You have to be ready for that, a love that’s not immediate, that’s just warm and it’s just there. I realize there are different stages—love, lust and infatuation, and that’s the most dangerous one that I experience, like obsession. It feels so much, but it’s bullshit. And then love, which is something that is like a warmth between you."

- Lykke Li (via thflssmss)

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"I needed to be somewhere different. Maybe I needed to be someone different, too."

- The Clearing, Heather Davis (via nkkasuya)

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